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WingCash is free software for building digital financial services.

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The right financial tools are key to helping families rise above poverty, protect their earnings, and avoid debt, but people in developing countries lack access to digital financial services. WingCash is free, open source software for building financial services.

WingCash is available under the terms of the GNU Affero General Public License (AGPL). WingCash LLC created the software and offers it in the hope that companies and organizations around the world will build upon it and share their improvements. For consulting services or special licensing arrangements, please contact WingCash LLC.

WingCash supports both national currency and closed-loop currency. National currency support is designed for financial institutions like banks and credit unions, payment processors, money service businesses, and governments. Use closed-loop currency to create gift currency, loyalty programs, rewards networks, game currencies, promotions, store credit, and other stored value systems.


  • Immediate, final cash transfers
  • Send cash to any email address
  • Reports
  • Payment codes
  • Multiple currencies
  • Gift, loyalty and rewards cash
  • Promotional cash that expires
  • Offers (free, funded, or for purchase)
  • Multiple issuers / providers
  • Deposit to a bank account
  • Social media integration
  • Point of sale app
  • Funds settlement
  • RSS / Atom / JSON feeds
  • API for mobile apps


WingCash represents all money as a collection of cash notes with unchangeable value. There are no account balances; every holder simply holds a list of bills and coins. This concept is more powerful than account balances because it lets the system reason clearly about complex money flows.
Every transfer is executed by a small computer program called a workflow. A workflow is a series of automated and human steps. Each transfer provides a complete and faithful record that users can view and interact with.
WingCash is composed of microservices designed to be spread out among several servers for scale and security. At deployment, you can mitigate certain security threats, such as image decoding attacks, by installing internal firewalls to prevent services from accessing each other inappropriately.
You can hold multiple types of cash, so WingCash helps you spend your cash in order of liquidity. For example, if you have national currency, rewards cash, and merchant-specific currency, the WingCash liquidity algorithm helps you spend the merchant-specific currency first, the rewards cash second, and the national currency last.
WingCash builds upon PostgreSQL, RabbitMQ, Python, Pyramid, SQLAlchemy, Memcached, Buildout, Twisted, Ionic, and many more open source projects. WingCash is proven to work with Nginx, uWSGI, Apache, Salt, CentOS, and Ubuntu. WingCash is enormously grateful for all the foundational work.

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