The Premier National Digital Currency Platform.

WingCash enables financial institutions, businesses, and organizations to create, transfer, and use digital currencies and value.


WingCash is a national digital currency platform which enables the creation and transfer of digital currencies by financial institutions as well as the creation and management of closed-loop cash solutions by businesses and organizations.

The WingCash platform supports every national currency and is designed for use by financial institutions, payment processors, money service businesses, and governments.

The WingCash platform also enables businesses and organizations to add cash as a payment option to their website, as well as add closed-loop value; closed-loop value enables the creation of cardless gift, loyalty, rewards, game, promotions, humanitarian, charitable, store credit, and other stored value programs.


Central Banks

The WingCash platform enables Central Banks to issue and distribute national currencies and retain the benefits of traditional cash issuance without the costs. The Central Bank’s use of national digital currency for settlement reduces systemic risk by eliminating credit and liquidity risks. The platform enables all depository institutions to offer immediate transfers across borders with transparency in fees utilizing the interbank network.

Financial Institutions

The WingCash platform enables financial institutions to offer customers new offerings, such as immediate, low cost cross border transfers as well as closed-loop value offerings such as closed- loop electronic loyalty, rewards, and gift programs. These offerings are low cost as well as quick and easy to implement through cloud-based, proven technologies. They also enable safe, secure electronic wallets (which also may qualify for insurance, such as FDIC in the US) and enable safe, secure and final transfers with reduced exposure to fraudulent transactions and abuse.


The WingCash platform enables business to receive immediate, final transfers in digital currency without transfer fees. WingCash’s digital currency platform reduces businesses risk associated with transaction fraud, identity theft, and/or chargebacks.


Users (i.e., businesses and consumers) will welcome the opportunity to use a digital currency which is based in their national currency, which enables fast, secure, lost cost domestic and international money transfers, which is supported by their banks, which can send and receive to all other banks using the traditional banking infrastructure, and which may qualify for insurance, such as FDIC in the U.S.


Immediate Cash Transfers
Multiple Currencies
Send to Email, Mobile, and Social Media
API for Mobile Apps
Gift, Loyalty, and Rewards Cash
Campaigns & Offers
Deposit to a Bank Account
Point of Sale App
Funds Settlement


Serialized Digital Currency

WingCash represents all money as a collection of unique digital currency notes. Every holder holds a list of uniquely serialized digital bills and coins. This design favors management of complex money flows with rich tracking and auditing capabilities.

Directory Service

WingCash has a built in, universally accessible global directory service that allows payers to send payments using an email address, a mobile phone number, a vanity URL, or social media addresses.

Scale & Security

WingCash is composed of various service processes that are designed to be spread out among various servers to achieve greater scale and security. At deployment, one can mitigate certain security threats, such as image decoding attacks, by installing internal firewalls to prevent services from accessing each other inappropriately.

Extensible Workflows

Transfers are executed as sequence of steps referred to as workflows; a workflow is a series of steps that can be executed automatically by a computer, but each step may also allow for appropriate human interaction. Each completed workflow is an unchangeable detailed record that permissioned parties can view. Workflows are easily configurable and extensible by transaction type.

Data Enabled

Each payment can carry significantly more data in a standardized format, enabling the transmission of remittance data along with a payment as a value-added service involving match rates, reconciliation and data analysis.

Request for Payment

Request for payment messaging enables payees to electronically request funds transfers from the payer using standard messaging services and the message may carry details such as invoice numbers, invoice details, and payment destination details.

Global Interoperability

The WingCash platform supports interoperability by utilizing industry standard technologies that allow cross border payments, faster transfers, fee transparency and simplified processing.

Liquidity Algorithm

Users may hold both national currency and various type of closed-loop value. In most cases, users will want to spend merchant-specific currency first, loyalty or rewards currency second, and national currency last. In the non digital world, cards and codes are lost and forgotten, but with Wingcash, the liquidity algorithm does this for the user.


For Businesses

Set up your personal profile and business at and start sending and receiving digital cash.

For Developers

Access the WingCash Open API at
Launch a WingCash test environment to explore features.


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